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Selling Or Trading Your Fur

Selling Your Fur

Selling your fur is NOT EASY! There are two very different markets new versus pre-owned. There is not a lot to choose from when looking for pre-owned furs.

Used furs usually sell between $300.00 - $2,500.00. With the $2,500.00 being an exceptional nice, relatively new fur. It’s rare to sell a fur used for more $2,500.00 no matter how nice it is or how much it cost new.

The best way to sell a fur is to someone who knows you or has a common social interaction. Like member of your church or credit union. A lot of the time the sale is made by who they are buying the fur from. Wearing a fur you want to sell is a good idea and you may meet the person who might want to buy it.

Trading Your Fur

It is much easier to trade a fur in on a new fur. We will give you the fair market value for it right off our sales price.

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