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Barnes Furs
Fur Care

Furs Need 2 Things

  • Cold storage every summer

  • Condition cleaning every year

Furs can only be preserved -- not refurished 

Without these two processes your fur will have damage that you will not be able to see. Fur pelts have a leather backing similar to a leather jacket, but much thinner. The leather is very durable, but needs the above to be maintained. Unlike a leather jacket when this leather dries it doesn’t just get hard, but it disintegrates and falls apart. This is not repairable. 


Cold storage puts your fur in a vault with a large amount of fresh air induction that is maintained a 45̊ and 50% humidity . In this cold and dry environment the drying out process is almost stopped, adding years of usability to your fur.. 


The Conditioning Cleaning process is where you fur it tumbled in a fur cleaning drum with a sightly moistened power that transfers its conditioner in to the leather to re-moisten it and keep soft and the natural oils intact


On average Storage & Conditioning for the summer is $100.00  not much money for amazing results. It’s the best maintenance money you can spend.


Furs that are older and have not been cared for can sometimes regain some of their elasticity from restarting and continuing care. But the only way to keep a fur in it original like new condition is Cold Storage and Condition Cleaning  every year. 

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