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About Barnes Furs

Located in a Victorian two story built in 1895, it would be at home on any of the world's great shopping streets like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. But its home is at the corner of Cherry and New Streets in historic downtown Macon, Georgia.


Barnes Furs opened in 1927 due to the vision and passion of the original Mrs. Barnes, who had a pioneer spirit for business and a love of furs. Her first customers were wealthy locals who selected their furs from samples, which were then ordered from New York.

It's the twenty first century and things have changed at Barnes Furs. What was once a small town fur salon is now one of the largest fur stores in the South and is known in fur circles worldwide. Its local customers have grown to include both national and international customers.


Cold Storage, Condition Cleaning, Alterations, Restyling and New Fur Sales are available. Furs today are more fashionable and wearable than ever before. New furs are as lightweight as cashmere, but maintain their classic warmth and unparalleled feeling of luxury. We can even make your classic coat from years passed as lightweight and wearable as a new fur, through our restyle program.


Barnes Furs, eclectic, international and wrapped in southern hospitality.

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